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18 elements112141, 
A monolithic Yagi antenna equipped with 18 elements, a dihedral-shaped reflector and a double-V dipole. Compact and light-weight, it provides an exceptional relation between robustness, directivity and gain. 
Built with aluminium (corrosion resistant ) for a long service life, and in ABS plastic for high weather resistance 
The mast-mounting system utilizes Zamak to provide sturdiness and stability in adverse weather conditions 
Designed and manufactured in Europe, our products undergo the most stringent quality controls 
The connection box includes a balun for impedance matching 
Can be installed in both horizontal and vertical polarizations. 
CAI Benchmark 3 
Working band Mhz 470 ... 790 (CH21 ... CH60) 
Gain dBi 13 
F/B ratio dB >25 
Wind load N 73 (@ 130 Km/h) 
100 (@ 150 Km/h) 
Mast diameter mm 20...50 
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