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V12-12FAK 12 element Yagi aerial (V12-12FAK)

12-12K 12 element Yagi aerial UHF Group K Ch21-48 5G-700 
 Tuned for UHF Group K CH21-48 470-694MHz. 
 Tuned to reject 5G-700LTE 
 Lightweight one-piece boom for rigidity 
 Galvanised mast-clamp for 25 to 50mm masts 
 4mm wire elements for low wind load & high strength 
 F connector junction box with Supermatch™ balun 
V12-12K sets the standards for Yagi performance. Designed with seven directors 
this 12 element Yagi aerial has excellent forward gain for its size with maximum 
side-lobe suppression and is ideal where a discrete installation is required without 
compromising rejection of 5G/700 LTE signals*. The superior 4 element reflector 
ensures excellent front/back ratio protection from unwanted signals. 
V12-12K is designed for reception in strong to moderate signal areas within the 
primary service area of a TV transmitter. The mast-clamp is designed for horizontal or vertical polarisation and suitable for 1” or 2“ masts. 
V12-12K is fitted with an F connector junction box with SupermatchTM balun for 
excellent forward gain and low VSWR performance. 
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