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DAT BOSS 790 UHF Passive / Active Aerial 149901 (TEL13)

The arquitecture of DAT HD antenna guarantee the RF characteristics in the UHF band. Based on the same concept DAT HD BOSS 790 is designed to optimise the performance of DTT reception in an environment with high 4G signals in UHF channels 61-69. For this, electrical parameters of BOSStech technology has been optimised. 
The DAT HD BOSS 790 has mechanical features that allow the folding of the structure and a fast tool-less securing system for the recflectors. High density mechanical design for optimal storage and shipment. 
When the BOSSTech device (located in its junction box) is powered (active antenna), it works automatically adjusting the level of the received signal to an optimum value, this is: if the incoming level is low, the device raises the level at its output; and on the contrary, if the incoming level is too high, decreases the level at its output. In other words, it is an intelligent device that self regulates the output level of the antenna to an optimum level.  
When the device is not powered (passive antenna) is completely transparent to the signal path. Do not worry about signal strength, just align the antenna and the Boss-Tech device will work for you. 
Made of aluminium for long life. F connector junction box. 
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