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Channel Selection Geometry (CSG) technology 
CSG Technology (channel selection geometry) is a new concept in the design and manufacture of TV antennas; the antenna can perform as an adjustable filter by means of changing its geometry.  
Three aerials in one. Change the position of the directors and modify the antenna frequency response and filter the bandwidth  
Product highlights: 
Special double "U" dipole, featuring an open/closed format, this matches the frequency response change. 
10 elements, rear reflector. 
Innovative reflector assembly, quick and secure. 
Made of high grade aluminium for longest lifespan. 
Main features: 
An antenna for any channel plan, regardless of the upper cutoff channel. 
Robust and lightweight. 
Flat response in the UHF band. 
- Gain 15dBi 
- Front to Back Ratio 23dB 
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