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SS/DISP100 - 100m PET Stack Strap Dispenser Pack (BLAK10)

100m PET Strap Dispenser Pack 
The ultimate chimney fixing system for both aerial and satellite installations. The stack strap is a safer installation, as it can be installed without having to leave the safety of the roof ladder. The are no corner plates required or lashing wire preparation needed so it can be installed in 3-5 minutes; a considerable time saving compared to traditional methods. 
Ease of use and quick installation. 
Strapping, SS/DISP100 is supplied 100 m boxed rolls for convenient storage, and dispensing.  
Note that the box includes both installation instructions and a brick counter to reduce waste when dispensing. 
Breaking strain of ratchet is 900 kg. 
Strong PET strapping - breaking load exceeds 6 kN 
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