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The Diginova Boss antenna is the only radomized antenna of low visual impact that, automatically, optimizes the installation. 
Low consumption 
Low visual impact 
10 element Yagi-type UHF antenna implemented on a printed circuit board of latest technology. 
Protection. The watertight set, isolates and protects from the elements with an IP53 protection index. 
UV resistant 
Easy installation 
Versatility. Enables the installation of vertical and horizontal polarization. 
Technical features 
Adapts itself to the received signal level. When the installer fits it, he does not have to worry about the input level as the antenna guarantees the most adecuate output to the received signal. 
Corrects the signal fluctuations, autoadjusting the output level to the optimal value, independently from the input variations. The signal reception will remain protected against fluctuations, in a transparent way for the user. 
Keeps the output level independently from the radioelectric spectrum in the moment of installation. 
The evolution of the number of channels is not important. At the antenna output the spectrum will be: without intermodulation, without noise, with the best possible BER and the C/N optimized. The antenna adjusts itself to future channels. 
Contents of the Kit: 
1 Antenna Diginova. 
1 Domestic amplifier (ref. 5457) 
1 "Current injector" for power supply connection. (ref. 7450) 
1 Cable reel T-100 (14 meters). 
1 Male/Female cable of 1,5 m. 
1 Shielded IEC connector. 
3 Connectors F-type. 
1 Connector cap F. 
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