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Proception ProMOD32 AV Modulator with Sky I/O Built in (BLAK90BC)

Versatile UHF Modulator - Compatible with the new for Sky I/O STB, Freesat, Freeview, PVR* & DVDs*. 
The new proMOD32 Mk 2 is a versatile UHF analogue modulator for home or system use for distribution of set-top box outputs to TVs in other rooms, with comprehensive remote control extension support. The unit is compatible with the I/O port provided on newer Sky receivers, where it replaces the discontinued ‘RF OUT - 2’ facility. 
The Mk 2 model allows you to connect an AV source with RCA/Phono connectors, such as a camera. It comes with a special RCA/Phono to SCART adapter which has an internal wire link to a powered pin on the SCART-IN connector of the Mk 2 product. Plugging the adapter into SCART-IN activates the SCART input, ready to receive an AV signal 
Home control of a master Set-top box (Sky, Cable* or Freesat*), PVR* or DVD*. 
Control and Watch these different devices on other TVs around the home. 
High quality UHF sound and vision modulator (UK PAL RF output with mono audio) 
Supports the new Sky I/O port interface for simple single-lead connection to newer Sky boxes. Replaces Sky's ‘RF-2’ facility, including remote control.  
Provides DC power for optional 4-way remote amplifier and up to four IR 'eyes' such as proMHD14R or proAMP104X. 
RF return path for remote control extension to Sky receiver and IR blaster. 
RF loop-through connection with LTE-protected input & tamper-resistant output channel setting. 
RF tuning signal provided after power-up or output channel change for easier installation. 
Ability to adjust the frequency range of the regenerated IR carrier emitted by a blaster, for best control. (30–40kHz range). 
Can provide modulated signal for larger amplifiers such as proAMP24-26-28R (4-6-8 way IR amp) and proAMP310X (10-way X-amp).  
*STB, DVDs & PVR that include SCART outputs. Note a Sky I/O connection and a SCART can be connected at the same time but will modulate the last product powered 
Two AV inputs with automatic source selection. The modulated output is derived from the more recently activated input. 
Compatible with Sky I/O Port. Replaces the ‘RF-2’ facility, including remote control. 
RGB-enabled SCART output for local TV – useful for sources with only one SCART connector. Full RGB, composite video, stereo audio and control signal loop-through from the SCART input. 
RF return path for remote control extension to Sky receiver and IR blaster. 
RF loop-through with built-in LTE filter. Powered output for distribution amplifier and IR ‘eyes’. 
RF output coverage: channels 21 – 60. Tuning signal and tone for receiver set-up. 
Supports infrared control extension from remote rooms to most types of source equipment. 
Uses industry-standard IR 'magic eye' receiver – PROception proSAT1EYE. 
IR blaster is used to re-emit control signals - PROception proMOD32-IRBLAST  
Only one blaster can be used per system.  
This note applies to the Blaster option and not the Sky option. Compatible with most equipment using 'carrier' type remote control systems with carriers in the 30–40kHz range (e.g. RC-5 & RC-6). It is not compatible with older 'pulse' type remote controls, nor with irDA-based systems and equipment using nonstandard carrier frequencies (e.g. B & O Beolink). 
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