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Up to 16 user bands each user output 
DCFLEX functionality, multiple powering options: From the power supply or from the cascade through the satellite inputs or outputs 
Easy to integrate in an existing system: By switching the SAT DC LINK to OFF with the power supply connected, the MSW is locally powered without adding nor taking power from the cascade 
Brings higher security to the set top boxes connected to the multiswitch, which are fully isolated from the power supply in the cascade 
The TERR.DC ON switch isolates or connects the power supply available from the cascade in the terrestrial branch. Can be useful for the feeding of a mast amplifier or a BOSS antenna, but also for the terrestrial branches of other MSW in the cascade 
Wide voltage range: Voltages from 10 V to 20 V make it compatible with most existing systems 
Eco mode: Isolated from the cascade, the multiswitch can reduce power consumption down to zero, when the set top boxes are disconnected and the terrestrial passive 
Equipped with the TForce technology, the terrestrial output level is automatically adjusted to the optimal level 
European design, quality, and manufacturing 
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