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This exclusive functionality gives the product complete control and flexibility to power the multiswitch from anywhere in the system. The installer will have complete freedom to choose how to power the multiswitch and will be able to choose the best to suit a particular scenario. This versatility is achieved via a switch (DC LINK) that can be used to isolate or not, from a DC point of view, the multiswitch from the cascade. • Multiple powering options: Directly from a PSU, receiver outputs or line power through the satellite inputs or outputs. Moreover, you could choose to line power only the terrestial side (TForce) of the multiswitch through the terrestrial inputs or outputs. • It can be easily added to an existing system: You just need to connect a power supply to the multiswitch and isolate it from the power on the cascade (flick the DC link switch). The power of the existing system will pass through the multiswitch unaltered and the dCSS NevoSwitch will only draw power from its own power supply. This will avoid any possible problems created by adding a new dCSS NevoSwitch to an existing system. • Increased safety for the set top boxes connected to the multiswitch, as these are completely isolated from the power in the cascade, avoiding potential issues with the power in the system affecting the end user equipment. • Wide powering range: With voltages from 10V to 20V making it compatible with most of the systems out there. • ECO mode: The multiswitch isolated from the cascade can reduce its power consumption to zero when the set top boxes are turned off and terrestrial is passive. In case TForce is activated, the consumption is only 50mA. This is possible because the multiswitch will also dynamically adapt the way that it’s powered in order to keep its consumption to the minimum. So it will automatically turn off any part of the circuit that is not been used in order to lower its consumption.  
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