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EV5-D2S 2-Output dSCR Multiswitch Mains or Line Powered 
Cascadable 2 and 4 output single cable multiswitches for the distribution of satellite and terrestrial signals for up to sixteen satellite tuners or recievers on each output. These multiswitches automatically detect dSCR mode or legacy format from the reciever. Built into a zinc alloy diecast housing for extreme interference immunity and supplied with pre-mounted output earth bars. Vision dSCR multiswitches uses exactly the same connector pitch as standard Vision EV5 products for easy installation. 
• 5 input – 5 output cascaded trunk line 
• Ideal for inserting into existing 5-wire IRS trunk 
• Control according to EN 50494/EN 50607 
• Suitable for SkyQ, Unicable or Legacy mode 
• 2dSCR outputs (16 + 16 user bands) + Legacy 
• 4dSCR outputs (16 + 16 + 16 + 16 user bands) + Legacy 
• 3 x DC power modes for convenient DC powering options 
• Active terrestrial performance 
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