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| Whyte Series 9 WATS-930 
The Whyte WATS-930 is a 8 x SAT and 1 x T errestrial Launch Amplifier that is compact and powerful. It may be utilised as a Launch Amplifier or as a Line Amplifier, and can be powered directly via the 18V Auxiliary Input or line powered via the HH and HL trunk lines. For ease of installation, the WATS-930 Launch Amplifier can be connected directly to a cascade of Series 9 Amplifier using F-type couplers. 
Compact size 
Gain Control on all Inputs 
Slope Control on all Inputs 
Colour coded Inputs & Outputs 
Comes with Input Earth Bar fitted 
8x SAT & 1x TERR Input & Outputs 
LTE Filter rejects 4G interference 
Switchable 12V DC Supply to Terrestrial input 
18V Auxiliary Input powers the amplifier & injects power to the HL & HH trunk 
| Specifications 
Frequency: SAT 950-2150MHz | TERR 87-790MHz 
Inputs: 8 SAT + 1 TERR 
Outputs: 8 SAT + 1 TERR 
Gain: SAT >30dB | TERR >24dB 
Gain Control: SAT 15±1dB | TERR 10±1dB 
Slope Control: SAT 8±2dB | TERR 8±2dB 
4G Filter: YES 
TERR 12V DC Masthead Supply (switchable): 100mA 
Input/Output Return Loss: SAT >8dB | TERR >8dB 
Max Output Level SAT: SAT (IMA³ -35dB) EN50083-3 112dBμV 
Max Output Level TERR: TERR (IMA³ -60dB) EN50083-5 112dBμV 
LNB Power Supply Max: 2A 
SAT Trunk DC Pass: 2A Max 
TERR Trunk DC Pass: NO 
Powering: Via DC Input | Via SAT HL + HH Trunks 
Power Consumption: 380mA Max 
Power Indication: LED 
Input Earth Bar: Fitted 
Earth Lug: Up to 6mm² Core 
Dimensions Including Earth Bars (mm): 172 x 152 x 43 
Weight: 640g 
Quantity   1
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