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TRIAX TSS 400 SAT>IP Converter (TR84AVA)

SAT>IP Converter 
Broadcast satellite TV live in home networks 
The new SAT>IP products from Triax make it possible to distribute satellite TV over connected cables (LAN, Power LAN) or wireless networks (WLAN). SAT>IP-compatible units such as TV sets, receivers, PCs, smartphones, tablets and other mobile units can thus be provided with all free available TV and radio programmes. Converts SAT-IF signals to IPTV signals TRIAX TSS 400 SAT>IP server receives classic SAT signals, converts them and distributes them to up to four different clients/units on the IP network. The SAT signals can be fed Via Quad or Quattro-LNBs. Optical LNBs with converter or Unicable-LNBs are also supported. The SAT>IP server is easily set up and controlled by means of the web-based configurator. 
Features of SAT>IP  
„ Reception of all free available TV and radio programmes  
via satellite  
„ SAT-distribution via cable connected and cableless networks  
„ Digital picture and audio quality – even in high-resolution  
„ All additional digital options such as EPG, recording  
function and time shift can be used in the unit*  
„ Converts SAT into IPTV signals  
„ Supports many LNB types  
„ Up to 4 clients/units can access TV programmes at the  
same time  
„ Compatible with all SAT>IP compatible units  
„ Compatible with 100/1000-Megabit networks  
SAT>IP compatible devices 
„„ Compatible with all SAT > IP-compatible units such as 
SAT>IP Receiver 
Tablets and Smartphones** 
PCs and Laptops** 
Video game consoles** 
Easy set-up 
„„ Supports Quad- and Quattro-LNBs, optical LNBs with 
converter and Unicable-LNBs 
„„ Easy installation and control via the web-based configurator 
„„ Software update by USB/LAN 
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