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With D-Line TV cable management systems users can conceal TV cables without the need to spoil surfaces. Then there's the on-going benefit that it's easy to add or remove cables later! 
D-Line 50x25mm (width x height) profile is ideal for TV cable drops, accepting scart, hdmi, antenna and power leads between the table and the TV. This profile is universally popular as it neatly complements both small and wider screens. For users requiring greater capacity, select D-Line 60x30mm profile. 
D-Line Mini 30x15mm has a semi-circular design to hide cables from narrow screen TV's with no more than 3 wires. Also note this profile can blend to look as the natural top section of skirting boards. 
Run 30x15mm around the room using flat bends to go around door frames. Inlet / outlet accessories provide exit points that fit with 16x8mm Micro profile which is ideal to run up to wall mounted speakers. 
D-Line Micro 16x8mm is great for long runs of smallest cables for surround speakers, and easily blends in with decor. 
D-Line 22x22mm & 30x30mm quadrants are ideal for hiding cables around floors or across benches. 

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