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XTND 4K 40mtr (Kit) (HDANYWHERE08)

A HDBaseT Lite 4K Extender with PoE that increases the range of any 4K / UHD set top box up to 40mtrs, or any 1080p HDMI device up to 70mtrs over a single Cat cable. Supports two-way IR for control of the set top box at the TV or set top box location. Extend the range of a 4K device, like Sky q Silver or the Amazon Fire TV with 4K, by up to 40mtrs using a single Cat6 cable in tandem with the XTND4k (40m) HDBaseT-Lite extenders. You can also use them to increase the reach of a Full HD 1080p set top box, like Virgin Tivo box, by up to 70mtrs when using a single Cat 6 cable. These distances may be increased if you are using Cat 7 cable and may reduce if using Cat5e cable. 
The XTND 4k (40m) HDBaseT Lite extenders are HDCP 2.2 compliant, which means they will work with the latest 4K HDCP 2.2-encrypted devices (like Sky) and the latest 4K TV’s. They also support two-way IR, meaning you can use your entertainment device’s remote control as per usual, either at your TV, or when standing in front of the set top box. 
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