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Primesat Easy Fit 85cm Steel Dish (DISH05)

LNB Clamping - 23-40 mm standard saddle clamp. 
Mast Clamp For - 25-50 mm diameter poles. 
Easy for back plate 
Easy fit aluminium LNB support arm (pushes into slot) 
Easy fit LNB holder. 
Gain 36.4dB. 
Frequency Range 10,70 GHz - 12,75 GHz 
Primesat "Easy Fit" 85cm dish - EF85.  
This is a quality precision made dish at an excellent price. The first time we assembled this dish it took less than 60 seconds. It would be even faster if we had done it before. The bolts that go through the dish reflector screw into captive threads so nuts on the back are not needed. 2 bolts hold the dish to the metal back plate clamps and 2 nuts provide adjustment. The push fit LNB support arm takes one seconds to locate. Corrosion protection is provided using a Polyester RAL7035 powder coating dish reflector. The one piece back plate is an ABS type of injection moulded strong plastic integrated design. The elevation adjuster and pole clamps are galvanised. The LNB support arm (boom arm) is made of aluminium. Many dishes these days now only use one U clamp to save costs. This dish uses two U clamps. The double U clamping design ensures a more rigid opposition to high winds and prevents turning on the pole. A version of this dish is available with wing nuts for mobile caravan / motorhome use and as a full mobile dish kit with stand, cable etc. A high quality product. Very good value considering the higher grade materials used and the superb performance. The 85cm dish is ideal for Astra 2 at 28E for freesat and Sky TV in the uk and offers "all weather" capability in north Scotland. Also suitable for Astra 1 at 19E and Hotbird at 13E. Use also for Astra 2 from northern France and and central France (and most eu countries) but the weaker channels would be lost in the south of France. 
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