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This LNB is a high performance product featuring the lowest noise figure available to address the need for superior reception under the edges of the satellite footprint skirt. Thanks to its novel front-end architecture and superior components, this LNB provides higher conversion gain yet with lowest noise figure and best phase noise performance. The combination of higher spec components, excellent cross polarization isolation and advanced filter design enables improved handling of interfering spurious. All in all, this LNB provides a leap in the overall reception performance compared with standard LNBs. This LNB enables the reception of signals from one satellite, its distribution to a single tuner Set-top box and is ready for High Definition transmissions. Designed to meet strict specifications and manufactured to the highest industry quality standards, this LNB is an ideal solution for the satellite broadcast reception across Europe.  
Main Features: 
• Superior Phase Noise performance, DVB-S2 (HDTV) compliant 
• Excellent Cross Polarization Isolation 
• Very Low Spurious Levels 
• Superior Noise Figure 
• Higher Conversion Gain 
• Ultimate Reliability 
Low Band Input Frequency Range 10.7 ~ 11.7 GHz 
Low Band Output Frequency Range 950 ~ 1950 MHz 
Low Band LO Frequency 9.75 GHz 
High Band Input Frequency Range 11.7 ~ 12.75 GHz 
High Band Output Frequency Range 1100 ~ 2150 MHz 
High Band LO Frequency 10.6 GHz 
Noise Figure 0.2 dB Typ. (0.7dB Max.) 
LO Initial Accuracy +/- 1.0 MHz Max. 
LO Temperature Drift +/- 3.0 MHz Max. 
Phase Noise (@ 10 kHz) - 90 dBc / Hz Max. 
Conversion Gain 60 dB Min. 
Gain Ripple (Over 26MHz Bandwidth) +/- 0.75 dB 
Gain Variation (Over Full Band) +/- 4 dB Max. 
Image Rejection 40 dB Min. 
1 dB Compression Point (@ Output) 0.0 dBm Min. 
Cross Polarization Isolation 22 dB Min. 
Control Signal Ca (Vertical Polarization) 11.0 ~ 14.0 V 
Control Signal Cb (Horizontal Polarization) 16.0 ~ 20.0 V 
Control Signal Cc (Band Switching) 22 +/- 4 kHz 
Output VSWR 2.0 : 1  
In-Band Spurious - 60 dBm Max. 
Current Consumption 120 mA Max. @ 11 ~ 20V 
Operating Temperature - 30 °C ~ + 60 °C 
Output Impedance 75 Ω 
Output Connector F-Type (Female) 
Weight 151 g 
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