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Primesat Platinum 0.1dB Twin LNB (LNB11A)

A high performance 0.1dB LNB. This LNB is ideal for low signal areas. Suitable for HD. Suitable for 3D. Suitable for 4K.White is an excellent colour for an LNB for two reasons. The first is it looks better. When looking up at a satellite dish,there is mostly a light or cloudy sky and so white against the sky blends in very well. The second reason is more technical.White keeps the LNB's internal heat in during the winter and in the summer white reflects the external heat from the sun.This keeps the LNB cooler and results in less extreme temperature cycling. Temperature cycling should be kept to a minimumfor performance to be maintained. A white cap is even more important as it reflects the suns heat (which can focus on the cap)and prevent a hole from burning through the cap. If there was a hole in the cap the spiders can crawl in and block the signal.Only the TV signal should go through the cap, not the heat. In addition, there are better connections due to gold connectors.This is highly recommended professional quality product. 
Specifications,Universal LNBs. Input -Low Band 10.7-11.7GHz,High Band 11.7-12.75GHz.Output -Low Band 950-1950MHz,High Band 1100-2150MHz.Local Oscillator Frequencies -Low Band 975GHz,High Band 10600.Noise and Gain -Noise 0.1dB,Gain 50dBs 
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