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Superjack V Box II with handset. Convert Diseqc to 36 volt positioning for larger dishes. SVBOX2 
4 Wire system for use with actuators that use a reed sensors. 99% of all motors ever made use reed sensors.  
A V Box converts the Diseqc commands ofmodern digital receivers to 36 volt positioning for larger dishes using 36 volt motors. 
This V Box has 99 satellite positions.  
Comes with a handset for manual use. 
A V Box converts this to 36V and about 2 to 3 amps for larger dishes using 36 volt motors. 
Typically 1.2m dishes and larger use 36 volt motors.  
Use the fully automatic option. Just select the channel on your Diseqc receiver and your 36 volt motor / dish will move to the correct satellite and channel.  
The LNB and control cable connects to the V Box. A short "fly lead" goes from the V Box to the modern receiver, then everything is controlled by the receivers handset automatically.  
Can also be used as a stand alone positioner as a handset is included.  
To connect to a V Box, the 4 motor wires connect to the back of the V Box. That is the two motorwires and the two sensor wires.  
The LNB also connects to the V Box. A short F connector "fly lead" links from thebV Box to the LNB input of the satellite receiver. 
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